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We kunnen niet negeren dat het ecosysteem van onze aarde vandaag uit balans is. Als iedereen leeft zoals in het Westen, hebben we op de duur meer dan één planeet nodig. Daarom beperken ook wij de ecologische voetafdruk van onze brouwerijen zoveel mogelijk.

Cancer is the biggest cause of death. Worldwide, over 14 million new cases are diagnosed. In Belgium, one in three men and one in four women have to deal with cancer at some point. Around 70,000 new cases are diagnosed here every year.

Free, understandable information

The Anticancer Fund in a Belgian foundation that works internationally and aims to extend and improve the lives of cancer patients and to find cures. People from all over the world contact the Anticancer Fund to find out about the latest treatments, ask for a second opinion or obtain information about diet, supplements and non-conventional treatments. The focus at the Anticancer Fund is on free information and scientific research.

The Anticancer Fund is a knowledge centre that provides patients with understandable information about cancer treatments and whether they are scientifically sound, so that they can make choices on the basis of existing knowledge and experience.

“The health of your loved ones and your own health is your most precious possession. Everyone must have access to reliable information about cancer and cancer treatments.” Luc Verelst, founder of the Anticancer Fund.
Luc Verelst, founder of the Anticancer fund

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