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Barefoot Acupuncturists is an organisation offering medical treatment to society's poorest in India.


In 2007, two acupuncturists, Walter Fischer from Belgium and Jacques Beytrison (Switzerland) went to Mumbai in India. They witnessed a lack of access to appropriate healthcare in the poor areas of the city and decided to use their skills to provide help. ‘Barefoot Acupuncturists’ was created. The objective of this non-profit organisation is to offer efficient, affordable medicine to society's poorest and least fortunate. To reach this goal, Barefoot Acupuncturists opens, operates and oversees low cost clinics in underprivileged areas. In addition, local people are trained in acupuncture so they can provide medical assistance their own communities. 

“Barefoot Acupuncturists is about sharing and contributing to a more decent society, in which it is a basic task and necessity to alleviate pain and illness. We are grateful to a partner like Duvel Moortgat for supporting our mission.”
Walter Fischer

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