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Habbekrats is a youth organisation that works for young people experiencing social difficulties. Duvel Moortgat has been supporting this worthwhile project for many years.


Habbekrats is a unique youth organisation, founded in 1991 by Chris Van Lysebetten. Habbekrats focuses specifically on children in need. It is a youth service that works 100% for any young people from the age of 10 who need this additional support to be able to join in with our complex society as all other young people do. Habbekrats creates a world of its own to enable a safe and well-thought out transition to the world of adults.

Duvel Moortgat supports Habbekrats because we firmly believe in the practical usefulness of the projects and because young people are the future, irrespective of their birth or their past.
For every € 9 that visitors pay to visit the brewery in Puurs, € 1 is donated to Habbekrats.

Each project for our particular target group is founded on a basic philosophy of respect, underpinned by equality, solidarity and justice
Chris Van Lysebetten

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