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Kamiano in Antwerp was founded over 20 years ago. People in need can get a meal there, but they will also receive a warm welcome. In Kamiano, the poor are first and foremost people.


Kamiano has been operating for over 20 years. Over that time, it has welcomed thousands of needy people. This organisation serves more than a thousand meals every week. As well as Kamiano in Antwerp, there are now also restaurants in Brussels and Liège. The operation has gradually expanded significantly. Kamiano is now also open every morning for acute relief and support, breakfast and lunch, administrative help, first-line medical care, washing clothes, etc. A small team of professionals provides these services, assisted by a great many enthusiastic volunteers.

Focus on people

In Kamiano, the poor are first and foremost people. After all, an individual is far more than the sum of his problems. Every visitor is known by name. In Kamiano, they rediscover the respect that they often lack in society because of their illness or handicap, unemployment, addiction, homelessness, prison history or isolation.

We actually work like mothers and fathers: you don’t let go. Often someone who was ‘tried out’ gets their courage back after all, years later.”
Pascale Bemelmans, Coördinator Kamiano (Antwerpen)

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